Cocaine is a white powdery substance that is commonly referred to as crack. It is a very addictive and powerful substance that people can easily get addicted to.

However, cocaine has been found out to have some therapeutic effects, acting as a pain relief and vasoconstrictor which comes in handy during medical procedures.

The method of cocaine abuse determines how the effect of cocaine would be dished out. People who inject their blood streams with cocaine will experience the rushed feelings of high within few seconds. But people who snort theirs or smoke it, will get the effect within some minutes.

Cocaine functions to step-up the dopamine release in the brain. This hormone is responsible for the production of happy and positive feelings.

So, the rushed increase of dopamine is what cocaine does. So, basically, when an individual uses cocaine, he or she gets rushed feelings of euphoria, boosts of energy and a happy mood.

Some people use cocaine with the intent of meeting up with a particular performance and eventually they become addicted in the process.

Cocaine has the tendency to prevent you from sleeping so some people use it when they want to study or remain alert at night. Similarly, some of them use cocaine when they want to achieve a stressful and strenuous task.

There are some dangerous side effects that are associated with using cocaine.

Some of them are: Paranoia, Muscle tics, tremors, increase in blood pressure and temperature. Other functions include, inability to perform sexually and increase in the heart rate.

People have been found to die due to an overdose on cocaine. Others are known to suffer stroke, heart attack and respiratory problems.

There are also some long-term health consequences attached to using cocaine such as abdominal pain and extreme tiredness. The individual might also experience a notable loss in weight and nosebleeds.

People are advised to refrain from cocaine use because of the detrimental effect that it comes with. For those who are addicted, it is advisable to see your health care provider to help you out. 

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