Tips to prevent Cocaine relapse

Cocaine is a psychostimulant that produces an intense effect on the brain. These effects produce feelings like motivation, pleasure, reward, etc.

Cocaine is a very addictive substance that makes people relapse because of the profound cravings and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

Cocaine relapse occurs when an individual who is either out of recovery or in recovery, goes back to their addictive habit.

Here’s how you can prevent cocaine relapse:

  • Enroll in an addiction aftercare program

When some individuals are done with their addiction recovery program, they usually don’t see the need to attend aftercare sessions.

An aftercare program provides the individual with coping strategies to help them defeat triggers that can make them relapse.

For anyone who doesn’t want to return to their addictive habits, opting in for an aftercare program is beneficial.

  • Spot the possible signs of a relapse

You need to be sensitive to the signs that could make you relapse after recovering from cocaine addiction. When you recognize these signs, it would be easy for you to either help yourself or seek help when you are faced with temptations to relapse.

  • Identify your triggers

Before the completion of an addiction recovery program, you must have learned the possible unique triggers that can make you relapse. Hence, after addiction recovery, do well to avoid these triggers.

For instance, some individuals’ triggers might be the friends they keep. Hanging out with these friends might make them revisit their addiction especially if their friends are not sober individuals.

  • Have a routine to prevent relapse

You need to check in with your therapist if your previous routine can make you revisit your addiction. It is important to create healthy routines that would reduce the prospects of a relapse.

  • Practice self-care

Sometimes, people relapse when they don’t live healthily. After recovering from cocaine addiction, you need to take care of your physical health. Focus on stepping up your nutrition, undergoing physical exercise, having good sleep, and trying to reduce stress to the barest minimum.

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